Intruder Alarms.

Intruder Alarms

Residential Intruder Alarm System

UK's demand for domestic/commercial security systems is constantly growing. The idea that a burglar alarm is only suitable for expensive properties or the notion that having a burglar alarm system would lead potential burglars to believe you had something valuable in the house, is over. Today, properties' owners and renters want to know what is happening in their properties in real-time as well as to keep records of the events whilst they are not there.

A burglar alarm, when installed properly, can make the difference between an actual break-in causing extensive damage to your property, loss of valuables and emotional distress, and an attempted break-in with the unsuccessful burglar leaving empty-handed.

Our burglar alarms secure your property, whether you are in or not, triggering before the intrusion. You can be inside your house with the knowledge that if anyone tries to break in it will trigger the burglar alarm system. In most cases, a burglar will run as soon as or shortly after the alarm sets off. We can even help you prevent him from breaking into the property and make the alarm trigger before the intrusion has started.

Our engineers can install wireless, wired or part wired burglar alarm systems helping you protect your property and most importantly, your family.

ARC Monitoring & Self Monitoring

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Intruder alarm providing services

Burglar Alarm System for Small, Medium or Large Businesses

Burglar alarms are a vital security measure for businesses of any size. They can protect valuable equipment and documents, prevent damage to the building or disruption to operations, and ensure the safety of employees. In addition to these benefits, having a fully monitored intruder alarm system can provide even greater peace of mind and security.

With a fully monitored system, any activity detected by the alarm is immediately reported to a central monitoring station, where trained professionals can assess the situation and take appropriate action. This could include contacting the police, alerting on-site security personnel, or calling designated emergency contacts. The monitoring station is available 24/7, providing around-the-clock protection for your business.

Insurance companies often favour businesses with proper security measures in place and may offer a discount of up to 10% on premiums. Some companies even have requirements for a certain level of protection to process claims. Investing in a fully monitored burglar alarm system is a smart choice for any business looking to enhance their security and protect their assets.

The best type of alarm for your home depends on your personal preferences, budget, where you live, what type of home you live in and what level of protection you require. With a free site survey, all those questions will be addressed by an IDS Global UK representative.

Adding monitoring to your security package means someone is always ready to respond for any security emergency when you need it most. Police connection can be very helpful and essential in times of robbery, Anti-Social Behaviour or attempted burglary while you are in the property. Pressing the panic button, which can be wired or wireless, alerts the monitoring station of a situation and the police respond immediately.

Modern intruder alarm systems are user friendly and there are additional accessories that can simplify them even more. Some burglar alarm systems can be operated directly via an app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

There is no obligation to sign our annual maintenance contract and, once we have installed the system it belongs to you. If you have chosen a self-monitored system, we recommend it is serviced by our engineers once a year. But don't worry! We will not ask you to sign a contract, we will just remind you 30 days in advance of when your annual maintenance visit is due.